Building a new generation of energy storage

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Clean solar energy is now the cheapest form of new electricity generation in many parts of the world.

Energy storage solves a major problem which has held renewable energy back since the beginning: intermittent flow of power for customers. The ability to store energy is transforming solar into a reliable power source.


Today, the market needs a breakthrough in energy storage solutions.

Although solar+storage has risen in popularity over the last 10 years, the industry has faced challenges with producing practical batteries for energy storage. Current battery storage products are bulky, have multiple components, and are not reliable. Installation for these batteries is complex, requiring a high level of installer training. This adds to the overall cost of energy storage, reduces its feasibility, and slows the growth potential of the industry. 

Battery safety is another major concern. Doubts about placing potentially combustible lithium ion batteries into businesses and homes loom.


At Yotta, we are simplifying energy storage.

We address every issue with top engineering and extensive experience designing and deploying both on and off-grid systems in the solar industry. Driven by a clean-slate design approach and a synergistic use of technologies, we have created a safe, efficient, long-lasting, future-ready battery. We call it SolarLEAF™. 

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Analysts expect the energy storage market to exceed $23 billion by 2024.

This technology has the power to unlock clean affordable energy as a globally scalable piece of the energy puzzle. 


1.6 Yotta Joules

Annual of Solar Energy to the Earth

50% Year over Year

Growth of Solar+Storage Industry

900 GWh

Storage market growth by 2040 


The introduction of microstorage marks one of the biggest technology shifts in the PV industry to date.

We developed a modular energy storage device called the SolarLEAF™ which is a battery storage device that integrates with photovoltaic (PV). It has been designed to reduce cost and expand the development of energy storage and grid resiliency. It’s the most efficient approach to energy storage on the market.

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Our breakthrough technology enables the first thermally protected storage solution that integrates with PV.

Inspired by technology commonly used in satellites to protect them from extreme temperatures in space, we’ve engineered microstorage devices that can be installed directly behind solar modules.

The technology repels and buffers heat during the peak of the day and passively cools at night time. What's more, we don't suffer from parasitic load losses attributed to liquid cooling of batteries or slap on HVAC system which is the most common solution. Thermal regulation is key to this product category being a success and our system is extremely cost-effective against the other active solutions.

We’ve created the first 100% thermally protected battery.

Solar Leaf” is a thermally protected battery with three levels of heat and fire-retardant safety layers. First, the battery’s chemistry is non-combustible lithium ion phosphate (LFP). Second, the thermal-cooling materials encasing the battery are fire-retardant. Third, an airtight metal enclosure seals the battery. Yotta’s SolarLEAF is engineered to keep a steady temperature, even when the surrounding equipment and air temperatures rise.

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Batteries will be the anchor feature of many impactful, broadly-featured products that are yet to come.

The SolarLEAFs biggest value is reducing the soft costs of designing, installing, and maintaining an energy storage system compared to traditional centralized systems. With our family of hardware and software products, we’ve created the most reliable and easiest to deploy energy storage system for solar power self-consumption and power resiliency.





Remote Power, 1-2 kWH

SolarLeaf™ is a great solution for remote power applications. Our durable rugged battery can output 24V, 48V DC or be coupled to an inverter for AC power up to 500W, a perfect solution for remote power for sensors and cameras.


  • Telecom including 5G equipment 

  • Oil & Gas

  • Agriculture

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2-32 kWh

Multiple SolarLeaf™ units can be scaled together to form a microgrid system. SolarLeaf is compatible with both 48V standard off-grid inverter and Hybrid Inverters. Up to 8 units can be combined in parallel configuration per input. 


  • Remote Power 

  • Off-Grid 

  • Grid-connected with Battery Back-up 

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32 kWh and above

SolarLeaf™ units with built in DC sting optimization can be series connected to higher voltage  string and battery inverters. In addition to our modular 1kWh scalable solution, the SolarLEAF™ also serves the following functionality for the flat roof market: ballast weight, PV monitoring and optimization, Rapid shutdown requirement, and more. 


  • Commercial Building Rooftops

  • Ground Mount Solar Arrays 

  • Community Solar Projects 

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