We capture and secure solar energy through Smart storage

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Scalable energy storage device

Through our flagship product, SolarLEAF™, we’ve pioneered a modular storage solution with smart passive thermal regulation, that seamlessly integrates behind each photovoltaic (PV) panel while maximizing life and performance.

Quick and simple to install

Through panel-level storage, SolarLEAF allows for the lowest installed costs for adding energy storage to any solar PV system.. The ability to remotely design and conserve space opens up opportunities for more solar installers to incorporate energy storage.

The safest way to integrate storage

We utilize a premium lithium iron-phosphate battery chemistry that has extremely low chances of fire-risk and does not use cobalt or magnesium. Each enclosure is another layer of fireproofing and the distributed 1kWh architecture eliminated the potential for cascading effect.

Longer Battery Life

Breakthrough temperature regulation technology allows our batteries to withstand extreme weather and last well over 20 years.

Easy to Scale

Our system allows for future additions of energy storage as our end user’s energy storage needs grow. No other system can allow for such seamless scalability of their battery like the SolarLEAF. 

Full Control

Built-in DC Optimizer with wireless monitoring to manage both solar power generation and energy storage.

Plug-and-play design

Eliminates the need for heavy enclosures, complicated HVAC systems, and expensive fire suppression systems.

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 Technical Specs

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Modular - PV Integrated rechargeable battery, Lithium Iron-Phosphate with solid-state passive thermal regulation 


1-kWh Nominal Capacity at 100% DoD 

Solar Input 

Compatible with Solar Modules up to 450W


96% Optimized DC to Power Conversion

Power Output 

Up to 500W per unit

Operating Temperature 

-20°C to 65°C



Built in Optimizer (MPPT) with monitoring and rapid shutdown.

Mounting Installation 

Integrates with Ballast Racking and Solar Racking


IP67 Fireproof Enclosure 


Compatible with Hybrid, String, and Micro-inverters via SolarPlexus Gateway


SolarLeaf™ will be compatible with relevant safety and electrical standards at market launch including UL9540, UL1973


10 Years Standard. Extendable to 20 Years


Solar System Integration

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System Gateway

Yotta’s SolarPLEXUS gateway facilitates the information flow within the system together and allows automated management and optimization of the individual SolarLEAF units. 

Complete visibility

SolarPLEXUS acts as a site-level control center, feeding into the web-based Yotta Energy Service platform. It includes a user interface that presents a system and unit level view of each project site.

Intuitive configuration and system management tools

SolarPLEXUS ties into inverters and energy management platforms at the site level or at cloud level (APIs) to allow easy integration and unlock enhanced features such as multi-site aggregation, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) or for simple fleet management.

Automatic updates and compliance monitoring

SolarPLEXUS allows the user to easily upgrade to keep up with changing regulations or add additional services as the needs change over time.

Full Control

Rapid shutdown is implemented at two levels - one through commands sent by the SolarPLEXUS and also via rapid shutdown devices over PLC.

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