Remote Power, 1-2 kWH

SolarLeaf™ is a great solution for remote power applications. Our durable rugged battery can output 24V, 48V DC or be coupled to an inverter for AC power up to 500W, a perfect solution for remote power for sensors and cameras.


  • Telecom including 5G equipment 

  • Oil & Gas

  • Agriculture

mirco grid.png


2-32 kWh

Multiple SolarLeaf™ units can be scaled together to form a microgrid system. SolarLeaf is compatible with both 48V standard off-grid inverter and Hybrid Inverters. Up to 8 units can be combined in parallel configuration per input. 


  • Remote Power 

  • Off-Grid 

  • Grid-connected with Battery Back-up 

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32 kWh and above

SolarLeaf™ units with built in DC sting optimization can be series connected to higher voltage  string and battery inverters. In addition to our modular 1kWh scalable solution, the SolarLEAF™ also serves the following functionality for the flat roof market: ballast weight, PV monitoring and optimization, Rapid shutdown requirement, and more. 


  • Commercial Building Rooftops

  • Ground Mount Solar Arrays 

  • Community Solar Projects